About Seth White

Seth WhiteMy name is Seth White, and I am a nutrition coach and personal trainer in Portland, Oregon. I have always been passionate about wellness and helping people live healthier lives. I completed my personal training education at The National Personal Training Institute Of Portland, Oregon. I completed my master’s degree in nutrition at Oregon Health And Science University.

In order for a person to reach their fitness or weight loss goals, they have to combine diet and exercise. That is why I decided to get training in both personal training and nutrition. I not only develop an exercise program for my clients, but I also create a diet program for them based on the venus factor diet.

I understand that every client is unique and has different needs. That is why I take several factors into consideration before I develop an exercise or nutrition program. I also understand all of the frustration that comes along with trying to meet fitness goals. In fact, many of my clients have unsuccessfully tried many diet and exercise programs before they met me.

Clients love my personalized approach to nutrition and personal training. I have received numerous awards during my career as a personal trainer. I was named one of the top personal trainers in Portland by Portland Monthly Magazine. I have also received an IDEA Industry Award for my outstanding achievements in personal training. IDEA is the world’s largest association for wellness and fitness professionals. IDEA gives out awards to personal trainers who demonstrate excellence in business management, instruction and leadership.

Additionally, I was named a Hylete Fitness Professional Of The Year. This award is given to fitness professionals who go above and beyond for their clients. Recipients of this award have also helped create inspiring and life changing success stories.

Although I enjoy receiving accolades, I enjoy the positive feedback I receive from my clients even more. Here is an example of one of the many positive comments I have received from clients during the years I have been a personal trainer. “Seth White is absolutely wonderful. He gently pushes people past their comfort zone so that they can meet their fitness goals. He also designs easy to follow meal plans. I was 60 pounds overweight before I started working with Seth. I did not think that I was ever going to lose the weight because I had tried many programs before. However, thanks to Seth, I have actually exceeded my weight loss goal.”

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